What is our mission?

Our mission is to encourage and inspire car enthusiasts to embrace their creativity and passion while being safe and using only quality installation and parts.

Why choose us?

We only use high quality and reputable products. We’ve been actively involved in the local automotive community for over 30 years.

Not only do we have an exclusive, award-winning network of pedigreed partners for EVERYTHING automotive, but we are also certified and authorized retailers for products we sell. This is very important for you, as a consumer. You’re guaranteed of the parts authenticity, proper service, and adhesion to any warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Certified Techs on staff at all times to assure a quality job.


Owner / Operator

Starting as a pre-teen in his father’s repair shop, Franco has been involved with autos for more than 30 years. As a teenager in the 1990’s he was restyling / customizing autos for car shows, active in local car clubs, was involved in dozens of car shows including Lowrider, World of Wheels, etc. and even winning national audio competitions in ISACA.

As a Military (US Army Reserves) and Law Enforcement veteran, “Franco” brings an array of discipline, attention to detail, and a drive to succeed to Signature Autohaus. Having spent more than 12 years in Fixed Operations Management with Fortune 500 auto dealerships, he brings vast knowledge of organization, proper processes, and manufacturer type expertise, and an excelled sense of superior customer service to this independent workshop.

His proven creativity and “out of the box” type of thinking has allowed Franco to custom design restyling builds to suit the client’s specific taste and style time and again. He has helped countless clients put their “Signature” to their own amazing autos over his career. Together with the SA Team, he will assure we can facilitate any level of performance and customization at a fair and competitive price with unmatched customer service and quality. 

Eric Barrington

General Manager

Since joining the Signature Autohaus team in 2021, Eric has very quickly proven to be the epitome of what we call “SAFam”. His outgoing personality, passion for custom autos, his amazing ability to connect with people have all proven to be a priceless addition to Signature Autohaus.

As a Military (US Navy) veteran, Eric also brings an array of discipline, attention to detail, and a drive to succeed to Signature Autohaus

Eric works diligently to facilitate clients need and satisfy timelines. He is known to work well outside office hours for our clients including late nights and weekends. Eric excels at making client’s dream builds happen timely and well within budgets. This is the type of unsurpassed customer service we guarantee you cannot get anywhere else! We are a better company because of management like Eric Barrington.


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