Signature Autohaüs offers many performance and tuning solutions. We are a proud distributor and installer of the very popular ECUFast Performance Tuning. These we can custom tune any vehicle with many different options for you based on modifications you currently have or will make in the future!

Many factors (exhaust emission standards, weather and climate differences, taxing and sales policies, etc.) are forcing the vehicles to be released below their capacities by the manufacturer. By optimizing the software with EcuFast performance tuning, up to 30% Horse Power and Torque Increase is possible within the safe limits of the vehicle. The power increase percentage depends on the vehicle and its engine, and we always aim for the most efficient and healthiest performance increase.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and prove confidence in our software, EcuFast offers a full refund within 15 days post application. Every customer has the chance to test their vehicle for 15 days, and if unsatisfied for whatever reason, can revert their vehicle’s software back to its original software at any of our dealers and receive a 100% refund.

Add on turbos and Supercharger systems are also rising in popularity. We do it all in haus!

Forced Induction and ECU Tuning upgrades featuring:





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Signature Autohaüs utilizes extensive automotive knowledge, years of custom car experience, 10 service bays (including alignments) and ASE certified technicians as an opportunity to help you realize your dream build. We feature our builds on various social websites and in local car shows.

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