Wings, Fenders, Bumpers, Oh My!

You know you’ve been thinking about upgrades, so take advantage of our free shipping and 50% off all Vorsteiner installations.

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Who is Signature Autohaüs?


Signature Autohaüs is a subsidiary of the parent company Sam’s Automotive. Since 1984, we’ve been actively involved in the South Florida automotive community by offering professional auto repairs and customization for every day drivers and car enthusiasts alike.

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ASE Certified Technicians

Signature Autohaüs employs ASE Certified Technicians, a title which means that they are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence on every mechanical and electrical component and system. ASE Certifications assure consumers of the knowledge and mastery of a mechanic. With so many choices of auto repair shops and auto technicians, an ASE seal will allow a consumer to know that there is at least one serviceman on the premises with this level of education.

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Why choose us?

Signature Autohaüs utilizes extensive automotive knowledge, years of custom car experience, 10 service bays (including alignments) and ASE certified technicians as an opportunity to help you realize your dream build. We feature our builds on various social websites and in local car shows.

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